hoppin down the bunny trail

lots of easter prep goin on over here.
it started with our visit to the easter bunny yesterday,
which was fun for the kiddo's.
well at least for the little miss
as you can see the little fella was not to happy.

he was ready to get off mr. easter bunny's lap
pretty much as soon as we put them there.
but, i got my pics and that's all i wanted.
then we came home and boiled some eggs
for the little misses school so they could dye them today.
they did and i have to say it was successful.
lots of bright colored eggs were displayed around the room.
next on our easter agenda is putting together
some goody bags for our friends and neighbors
and while we are doing that we will work in a
little bit of math skills by doing a m&m graphing game
that i saw over at makeandtakes.com.
finally we will boil some more eggs for ourselves and
use our artistic abilities to dye and make beautiful eggs
all in preparation for the big day itself.
sounds like we are gonna be busy
little bunnies for the next few days...


spring is here and we're ready for summer

we really are ready for summer, in fact it feels like summer here.
the little miss decide that her and the little fella should suit up
for some fun in the sun the other day and here are a few pics of
our little taste of summer in the spring...

seriously, i think she is the next top model

little miss thought a summer picnic would be appropriate

i think we will be doing a lot of this in the summer


freeze frame...two

on the farm... sometime last month


ballet slippers

today the little miss completed her 6th session of ballet.
i am so proud of her. she's becoming quite the ballerina.


little leprechaun family

feeling a little crafty on st. patty's day?
why not craft a little leprechaun family.
i am always beating myself up because i don't feel like
i do enough crafts with the little miss,
but we were inspired when we saw one of these
little leprechauns in little missy's classroom.
we kinda just winged it. no directions,
but they're pretty self explanatory.
here's what you need:
empty toilet paper rolls or paper towel roll that you can cut down,
paint, paint brushes, colored foam sheets to make the hat,
scissors, glue or a glue gun, pipe cleaners,
pencil to curl the pipe cleaners for the hair,
buttons, ribbon or little things that can be used for
accessories on your leprechaun and a couple of hours.
here's the steps:
first paint your leprechauns,
second, cut out and glue a foam circle to cover
the top of the roll and make the top of the hat,
cut out the brim and apply to the roll
and cut a foam strip to glue around the
middle back to make the arms. next,
curl 1 or 2 pipe cleaners and
glue to the roll to make the hair. last but not least,
cut and glue 2 little pieces of pipe cleaners for the shoes.
our little leprechauns - from left to right, daddy, mommy, sister, and baby brother leprechaun


sunny sunday

it started with this, well actually it started with a trip the hobby store, which led to this...

which led these two to the open land of the vacant school parking lot
across the street

which then led to these little feet...

chasing this little car...

which led this little fella running to me

i love sunny sundays!


ritzy treat

i have to admit it... i have a sweet tooth.
sweets really are my weakness.
i especially like to end my day with a sweet treat.
i know this is not a good practice, but it's what i like.
i saw this treat idea while buying crackers
for my little fella and thought it looked
easy enough, sounded pretty tasty and it has chocolate,
so how could you go wrong? well you can't!
all you need is a package of baked crackers, peanut butter,
a banana, chocolate syrup and a bag of trail mix.
it was so quick and easy to make and delicious too.
this has been my new night time treat
for-like- umm.......the last two weeks.
give it try, i am sure you'll love it!

if you're feeling really wild and crazy you
can substitute chocolate chips instead of trail mix
or if you want to add some color
how about some m&m's.
i mean if you think about it
the possibilities are endless...


freeze frame...one

circa summer 2009

something that i want to start here on yellow whistle is a freeze frame of time. i think that it is inevitable to want to freeze time when you have children. everyday is a constant reminder of how fast they grow up, how fast time goes by. i love these moments with my children. i love these moments of my life. i know myself and i know that i will someday long for these days when they are gone. i know the future holds great things for my children, my loves, my life...but right now i just want to freeze these frames from my life.


it's movie night!

movie night used to mean the mister and i going out to the movie theater to watch a new release or at least a movie of our choice, but throw two kiddos into the picture and you get a whole new meaning. our movie going days are pretty much over. i can't even remember the last movie the mister and i saw without the kiddos in tow. all i know is it has been way too long and we desperately need a date! as much as i long to go to the theater alone with the mister and watch a non-kiddo movie, i have come to enjoy and look forward to the new meaning of our movie night, which is a bowl of popcorn, blankets and pillows thrown all over the floor and the kiddos on either side of us. i've put together our top 10 favorite family flicks that we love to watch and could, can and do watch over and over again. with that being said, pop some popcorn, throw some blankets and pillows down and find something or someone cute and cuddly to snuggle up with and enjoy your movie night.

yellow whistle's top 10 favorite family flicks

1. The Sound of Music
2. Lady and the Tramp
3. The Gnome Mobile
4. Mary Poppins
5. The American Girl Movies any one of these 4 - Samantha, Felicity, Molly or Kit Kittridge
6. Peter Pan
7. Bambi
8. Spirit
9. Mulan
10. Annie